FEBRUARY 1, 2016

Rivulets of Water and Light

Water Studio recently completed multiple water and fire features at a golf resort in Indian Wells, CA. One of the main water feature consists of rivulets of water that fall around a floating patio overlooking the main lake. More photos coming soon...


JANUARY 14, 2016

32 ft. Wide Textured Granite Water Wall

A 32 ft. wide textured granite water wall consisting of 2-inch thick custom fabricated granite slabs was recently installed at a courtyard in an office building in Beverly Hills, CA.  Underwater LED lights illuminate the wall to accentuate the water textures and movement. A custom fire pit with automated controls was also installed in the courtyard to provide a welcoming and tranquil lounge area for the employees and visitors.

DECEMBER 8, 2015

Frameless Water Veil with Mosaic Tiled Pool

A 17 ft. tall frameless Water Veil rises from a custom mosaic clad pool with multiple water nozzles. The half-round pool is capped in thick basalt stone. Underwater lights enhance the multiple water effects to create an architectural water feature that enhances this common outdoor space of a retail and office complex in downtown Los Angeles. 

NOVEMBER 6, 2015

RH Modern Water Wall

Water Studio worked with DMCS Services to design and build the 16 ft. tall "white" water wall for the new RH Modern flagship store in West Hollywood, CA. The design of the water wall was inspired by the famed fountain at Paley Park in NYC.  More than 500 gallons of water runs down the textured stone wall every minute creating the mesmerizing white water effect.  This water wall is an important focal element that invites the public to visit the outdoor lounge space at RH Modern.

NOVEMBER 4, 2015

Sculptural Copper Water Wall

A sculptural copper water wall with bronze patina was recently designed and installed for a contemporary art collector in Los Angeles.  The design of the water wall was developed from a simple sinusoidal wave that morphed into a disconstructed wave consisting of curved and flat surfaces with various textures. The forms and textures of the copper with underwater lighting create complimentary water textures and movement to engage the viewer.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2015

New water feature at a hospital courtyard

We recently designed and built two copper water features with our custom designed spouts to create a curtain of rivulets that fall in front of a curved water wall. Upper pool was covered in black granite to create a perfectly still reflecting pool. One was installed at a residence in Beverly Hills and another at the new Centinela Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.

AUGUST 14, 2015

48 ft. tall Water Veil at Airport Atrium

A forty-eight feet tall suspended Water Veil was installed in the center of a grand office atrium in Torrance, CA.  This water feature is the focal point of the lobby that helps to accentuates the vertical height of the space and visually connects multiple levels of the office with water movement and light.

JUNE 29, 2015

Brentwood Garden Fountain

Our latest fountain is a custom-made granite bowl fountain, inside a round basin with water falling all around in clear sheets. This fountain is located in the center of the entry courtyard at a luxury home in Brentwood, California.