JANUARY 24, 2017

Illuminated Reflecting Pool in Playa Vista, CA

We recently built three reflecting pools with illuminated nozzles that adorn the courtyard entryway at the newly completed Mason residence in Playa Vista, CA. 

DECEMBER 18, 2016

Four-Sided Water Veil Column

Water Studio finished the reconstruction and newly designed 25 ft. tall, four sided water veil which is located directly below a large skylight in the lobby of a commercial office building in Culver City, CA.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

Monolithic Granite Water Features at Cleo Development in Playa Vista, CA

Water Studio recently fabricated and installed multiple 3-ton granite water features in a contemporary courtyard in Playa Vista, California. Illuminated water from five bubbling nozzles flow over the monolithic granite block and disappear into a custom-cut brass grate covering the recessed basin.

AUGUST 20, 2016

Linear Water Features with Infinity Edge Pools For

Water Studio worked with Office of the Designed Landscape to produce four strategically placed 14ft long linear, infinity-edge pools at corporate headquarters. Water from the reflecting pools overflow into contemporary white basins creating the tranquil sound of water. The combination of light, sound, and water movement enhances their outdoor environment.

JUNE 15, 2016

Triangular Pond with Water Lilies

Our second water feature at Playa Vista development is a triangular reflecting pond that is recessed into the ground with tiered illuminated steps. The pond is home to blooming water lilies, providing a bit of nature in an urban environment surrounded by concrete.

MAY 10, 2016

Laminar Jet Water Feature at Playa Vista

In the nearby community of Playa Vista, Water Studio has built three new water features, with more than a dozen on the way.  Working with Holdenwater, we recently constructed a large elliptical-shaped concrete pond with three tiers of illuminated steps. Twenty programmable laminar jets with color changing LED lighting surround the pond to create beautiful arcs of water that fall into the pond. The water feature is located at one of many new urban parks in the Playa Vista development



APRIL 16, 2016

Stainless Steel Fountain with Illuminated Nozzles

We recently worked with Berliner Architects to install a new stainless steel podium water feature at Temple Beth Sholom in Santa Ana, California. This elegant centerpiece of the garden features series of illuminated jets in a dark reflecting pool that reflects the sky opposite the synagogue, adding light, texture, and movement.

FEBRUARY 1, 2016

Rivulets of Water and Light

Water Studio recently completed multiple water and fire features at a golf resort in Indian Wells, CA. One of the main water feature consists of rivulets of water that fall around a floating patio overlooking the main lake. More photos coming soon...